The world’s best professional marine wiper systems for all kinds of vessels in the commercial and leisure sectors.

Exalto Wiper Technologies is recognized globally for producing top-tier marine wiper systems suitable for all types of vessels, both commercial and leisure-oriented. Engineered to withstand diverse marine environments, these wiper systems exemplify robustness and peak performance.

Exalto boasts an expansive collection of advanced components such as high-end motors, innovative arms, resilient blades, and state-of-the-art control and washing systems. This variety enables the creation of custom wiper systems, tailored to satisfy customer-specific requirements and preferences.

Comprehensive Wiper Systems

Exalto’s wiper systems are comprehensive, typically including the following components

The windshield’s dimensions determine the type of motor, arm, and blade required. Larger windshield areas demand correspondingly larger arms and blades, as well as a more powerful motor.

Exalto Wiper Technologies is recognized globally for producing top-tier marine wiper systems

Quality Guarantee and Advanced Features

Exalto Wiper Systems are made from high-quality materials, ensuring years of dependable performance. Each system is designed by Exalto’s in-house Research & Development team and undergoes intensive testing. The wipers feature stainless steel shafts and fixings and self-lubricating brass bearings, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance. These systems offer two speeds, self-parking, and in combination with Exalto’s diverse control systems, provide intermittent speeds, smart wipe/wash functions, and synchronized wiping on selected systems. A superior wiper system becomes vital under challenging conditions with poor visibility. Exalto’s commitment is to equip you with the right gear to meet your needs. Wide Product Range Exalto offers an extensive array of high-performing motors, innovative arms, durable blades, controls, and washing systems. Utilizing these components, Exalto can compile a complete, custom wiper system that fulfills customer-specific requirements and desires.

Their marine wiper system product offerings include:

Look no further than Exalto for premium marine wiper solutions, where unmatched quality seamlessly merges with creative innovation.