YANMAR – The first choice.

Seascape Marine have just supplied their first Commercial High speed engine (YANMAR 6AYM-WET- 829Hp) for re-power of a local fishing trawler operating out of Hout Bay, Cape Town. The 6AYM-WET engines reliability, serviceability, economical fuel consumption, spare parts availability and Seascape Marine’s strong after sales support made the 6AYM-WET the first choice for this owner. The fact that the Commercial engines are mechanically controlled makes them better suited for the heavy operation they are often exposed to and leaves the owners & operators more comfortable knowing they an engine they can always count on. Seascape Marine are confident this sale will lead to greater interest and future growth in this market.

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Seascape Marine Services are committed to becoming the preferred supplier of leading quality, innovative propulsion and onboard power solutions, related products and service to the African Maritime Market by providing sustainable and valuable solutions for the challenges our customers face.

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