Exceptional Diesel Engines for Sailboats and Powerboats

Yanmar is renowned for providing the lightest, toughest, and most environmentally friendly diesel engines for sailboat and powerboat inboard power applications. Discover the superior performance and reliability of Yanmar leisure engines designed for an unmatched boating experience.

Leading the Industry in Water Jet Propulsion

Yanmar’s leisure engines are the epitome of smooth, quiet, and innovative engineering that stands the test of time. With nearly a century of experience in building diesel engines, Yanmar consistently develops more power for less weight, offering an exceptional range of power packs for pleasure boating from 9 to 900Hp. In addition to conventional shaft drive gearboxes, Yanmar provides SD20 and SD50 saildrives from 9hp to 75hp, the ZT370 sterndrive – a perfect match for Yanmar powerboat engines – and Pod drives for even more transmission options.

SD20 and SD50 saildrives from 9hp to 75hp

Yanmar's KMG65E generator

Yanmar’s KMG65E generator offers an economical solution for onboard electricity, fitting between the engine and transmission – whether it’s a standard gearbox or SD50 Saildrive. This generator supplies sufficient electricity at any engine speed or load, allowing you to power galley equipment, computers, televisions, music systems, or simply charge your boat’s batteries. As the authorized Yanmar Marine distributor for Southern Africa since the early 1980s, Seascape Marine is well-equipped to assist and advise you on the ideal Yanmar engine and drive for your specific needs.

Experience the Yanmar Difference

Choose Yanmar leisure engines for unparalleled performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency in your sailboat or powerboat. Trust Seascape Marine for expert advice and support to help you select the perfect Yanmar engine and drive for your boating needs. Contact us today and experience the Yanmar difference.