Alan George King

It is with great sadness that we advise the sudden passing of our friend and colleague Mr Alan King on the morning of 29 December 2015.

Alan has been a key member of the Seascape team for the last 30 years and he will be deeply missed.

The Memorial Service for Mr Alan George King arranged by his family.
Date: Friday 8 January 2016
Time: 12.00pm
Address: Good Shepherd Catholic Church 1 Goedehoop Street Bothasig Cape Town

There will also be a post memorial gathering on the same day at 15h00 at the Vasco Soccer Club.

We extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends.

2015 DAME Design Award WINNER – Humphree Electric Stabilising Fin & Interceptor System

DAME_winner_certificate_250x141_sSeascape Marine are once again proud to be associated with Humphree after they secured the prestigious DAME award at METS 2015.

Humphree advises “We would like to thank the international jury at DAME Awards for the award, a true recognition for our team’s hard work and effort making this a world class stabilisation system”.
Jury comments:
The DAME Jury spent some time this year discussing how good design in marine equipment needs to drive better experiences for people afloat as the whole industry seeks to attract new generations. The growing market for stabilisers is clearly an area to watch in this regard and Humphree has introduced a series of valuable improvements with its Electric Stabilising Fin & Interceptor System. The stabiliser’s 24V DC servo, its 360° rotating fin (to combat anchor walking), its failsafe fin attachment (design to preserve hull integrity in case of a strike) and its full integration with interceptor trim devices would each be worthy of consideration on their own. Taken as a package this is a very impressive piece of technology, involving many design disciplines, that promises a step forward again in comfort afloat. Fully co-ordinating the effort of pitch and trim is a particularly welcome development and expected to lead to much better handling and reduced fuel consumption. A completely contrasting and equally worthy joint winner of the 25th anniversary DAME Awards.

Seascape Marine Services acquires Humphree distribution

Seascape Marine Services acquires Humphree distribution

Seascape Marine are proud to announce that they have been appointed sales & service agents for Humphree Trim & Stabilization systems.

Established 2002 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Humphree design & manufacture interceptors with options for Automatic trim control, list control, Co-ordinated turn control, Active ride control, Interceptor steering assist & Vessel motion monitoring systems.
The systems are brilliant, simple, easy to install and maintain and can be used in a variety of new or retro-fitment power boat & commercial applications with various propulsion systems.

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YANMAR – The first choice.

YANMAR - The first choice.

Seascape Marine have just supplied their first Commercial High speed engine (YANMAR 6AYM-WET- 829Hp) for re-power of a local fishing trawler operating out of Hout Bay, Cape Town. The 6AYM-WET engines reliability, serviceability, economical fuel consumption, spare parts availability and Seascape Marine’s strong after sales support made the 6AYM-WET the first choice for this owner. The fact that the Commercial engines are mechanically controlled makes them better suited for the heavy operation they are often exposed to and leaves the owners & operators more comfortable knowing they an engine they can always count on. Seascape Marine are confident this sale will lead to greater interest and future growth in this market.

Sea Harvest re-power with Yanmar 8EY26 2210kW

Sea Harvest re-power with Yanmar 8EY26 2210kW

Seascape Marine are proud to announce the sale of a Yanmar medium speed 8EY26 2201kW @ 750RPM to Sea Harvest for the re-power of their trawler vessel M/V Mariam Makeba. With Yanmars reputation for reliability, economy, ease of maintenance and the heavy load conditions this main engine would be exposed to make the Yanmar 8EY26 the obvious choice for this customer. Installation and commissioning of this new main engine will take place towards the end of 2015 after which a full report will follow. Stay tuned.

Yanmar introduces new 4JH Common Rail Engine Models

Yanmar introduces new 4JH Common Rail Engine Models

Seascape Marine wishes to inform its customers regarding the introduction of the Yanmar 4JH Common Rail Engine Series. With these models Yanmar introduces advanced electronic, Common Rail fuel injection technology for Sailboat Engines in the range from 45Hp to110Hp. These models comply with the latest and near future worldwide emission regulations and offer integration with other on board electronic systems.

Yanmar has developed the new Common Rail engine series for marine applications. These models are based on a 2,2 litre naturally aspirated and a 2 litre turbo charged genuine Yanmar designed diesel engines fitted with Bosch Common Rail fuel injection technology. They can be coupled to a Yanmar Gearbox or Yanmar Sail drive. The Yanmar Common Rail engine models will be offered at 45 mhp (33,1 kW) @ 3,000 rpm, 57mhp (41,9 kW) @ 3,000 rpm, 80mhp (58,8 kW) @ 3,200 rpm and 110mhp (80,9 kW) @ 3,200 rpm. Common Rail technology allows fine-tuned fuel injection thus enabling these engine models to comply with today’s most stringent standards for emission and noise and can therefore be considered amongst best in class. All models are RCD and EPA Tier3 compliant and fulfil the requirements for BSOII and EMC.