Sophisticated Hydraulic Steering Gear Systems

Marsili’s “System Type A” hydraulic steering gears are renowned for their reliable performance and superior design, meeting the diverse needs of all types of motorized vessels. Not only are these hydraulic steering gears incredibly easy to install, but they are also constructed with materials that resist the harsh maritime environment, ensuring durability and longevity. Marsili offers a wide variety of piston helm pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and accessories, enabling a meticulous selection of the most appropriate equipment for each specific situation. With Marsili’s hydraulic steering gear systems, reliability and comfort are guaranteed.

Precision-Engineered Systems

Each Marsili hydraulic steering gear system is designed with meticulous attention to detail during production and testing stages. The aim is to deliver systems with exceptional manoeuvrability while preserving the characteristic smoothness of hydraulic transmitters during operations. Typically, these hydraulic steering gear systems consist of one or more hydraulic cylinders and piston helm pumps. While these “classic” steering systems have roots dating back to the 1960s, their current iterations feature advancements in both design and material usage.

Accessorizing Your Hydraulic Steering Gear

Marsili’s manual hydraulic steering gear systems can be enhanced with additional accessories and components, such as electrohydraulic power packs for autopilot, even at later stages. The main components of the “System Type A” include:

Hydraulic Cylinder

This critical component of the steering gear control system is precisely sized by our technical team based on the specific characteristics of the vessels and the torque exerted on the rudder. We also take into account the customer’s requirements in terms of dimensions and aesthetics. The cylinder can be equipped with a suitable tiller for connection to the rudder stock.

Helm Pump

Comprising an axial piston pump, it withdraws and pushes the oil within the hydraulic system while the helm pump is manoeuvred by the steering wheel. The cubic capacity of the pump determines the total wheel rotations required for a complete manoeuvre from hardover to hardover. The pump features a non-return valve to prevent the rudder from moving freely when the wheel is unattended.

Tubing and Fittings

The tubing must be adequately sized depending on the cubic capacity of the helm pump. Marsili can supply standard 5/16” and 3/8” flexible hoses, with other dimensions available upon request depending on the required length. For working vessels, we recommend rigid tubing for which Marsili can provide suitable fittings.

Ready to Experience Unmatched Maritime Control?

Trust in Marsili’s hydraulic steering gear systems for superior control and enhanced performance on all your sea ventures. Elevate your marine experience with the strength and smoothness of our systems, designed with the utmost precision for your specific needs.