Pioneering Water Jet Propulsion Technology

For over 70 years, Hamilton Jet has been at the forefront of modern water jet propulsion technology, working closely with vessel designers and builders to create advanced, efficient propulsion systems for a wide range of applications.

Leading the Industry in Water Jet Propulsion

With more than 60,000 waterjet units installed worldwide, Hamilton Jet represents the pinnacle of water jet propulsion technology. As the preferred choice for high-speed patrol and military boats, passenger ferries, crew boats, rescue vessels, tourist excursion craft, fishing vessels, and recreational pleasure cruisers, Hamilton Jet ensures optimal performance and efficiency in every application.

years in business

Extensive Knowledge and Expertise

Hamilton Jet maintains a comprehensive database of case studies and practical information related to the application of waterjets in various modern hull forms. By liaising with designers, builders, and operators from the conceptual design stages through to commissioning, Hamilton Jet ensures that every waterjet is precisely matched to the hull for each project.

Using an in-house computer program developed by Hamilton Jet, estimates of speed and other operational parameters for planning monohulls can be determined based on a few known inputs.

Innovating for the Future

Hamilton Jet remains dedicated to innovation, with ongoing design improvements driven by an active research and development program that keeps the company at the cutting edge of waterjet technology evolution.

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