Excellence in Propellers and Shaft Lines since 1919

Founded in 1919, Eliche Radice has been at the forefront of propeller and shaft line design and manufacturing for pleasure, commercial, and military marine applications. With a commitment to quality, durability, reliability, and efficiency, Eliche Radice propellers and shaft lines have earned a worldwide reputation for excellence.

A Family Legacy Driving Innovation

The Radice family’s continued ownership and involvement in the company have played a crucial role in fostering a management structure that is both dynamic and responsive to the ever-evolving market. The company’s Italian facilities span over 50,000 m², with 15,000 m² covered, and employ around 85 staff members. Eliche Radice also maintains a commercial presence in France through ER France.

Manufacturing Since


Cutting-Edge Foundry and Design

Eliche Radice’s foundry, with an annual capacity of 600 tonnes, is the result of continuous technological evolution, combining decades of experience with ongoing research. Throughout its 100+ year history, Eliche Radice has tackled and resolved numerous propulsion challenges to the satisfaction of its diverse clientele across various naval sectors.

Each propeller project is the culmination of extensive direct experimentation, conducted in collaboration with leading research institutes and naval tanks worldwide. This vast data archive serves as the foundation for the calculation programs used to determine the parameters of each project and the production drawing.
Eliche Radice’s planning department develops these calculation programs, enabling them to offer the most efficient solutions in terms of blade count, area disk (DAR), and pitch/diameter (P/D) ratios while considering factors such as efficiency, noise, vibrations, and cavitation.

Specialized Product Offerings

Eliche Radice specializes in Saildrive & Shaft Propellers, Shaft Lines, Struts, Rudders, and Bearings, providing a comprehensive range of marine propulsion solutions to meet the specific needs of your vessel. Choose Eliche Radice for unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology in propellers and shaft lines. Contact Seascape Marine today to learn more about Eliche Radice’s offerings and how they can enhance your marine experience.