Revolutionizing Outboard Performance

Neander has partnered with world renowned supply partners to exclusively distribute the innovative D-Torque outboard engines. These state-of-the-art outboards offer exceptional performance, efficiency, and durability, making them the perfect choice for various marine applications.

Innovative Design and Exceptional Performance

Engineered with a robust, tried-and-tested design, the Dtorque 50 by Neander sets a new standard in dependability and longevity. With approximately half a million engine hours in the field and rigorous testing under our belt, this powerhouse promises unwavering performance. It’s not just an engine; it’s your trustworthy companion, dedicated to ensuring your safe return home, every time.

With service intervals extending to 250 hours, as compared to the typical 100 hours of gasoline outboard counterparts

Versatile Transmission Options

Value your time and reduce operational interruptions with Neander. In collaboration with globally esteemed suppliers, we provide you with top-tier components for your Dtorque outboard engines. What sets the Neander Dtorque 50 apart is its extraordinary service intervals. With service intervals extending to 250 hours, as compared to the typical 100 hours of gasoline outboard counterparts, your focus can firmly remain on your day-to-day tasks.

Efficient Onboard Power Solution

Embrace a cleaner, more sustainable power solution with the Dtorque 50. This engine surpasses the EU RDC Stage II regulations, asserting itself as a low-emissions outboard engine. It uses about 40% less fuel than similar gasoline outboard engines, allowing you to operate in low emissions zones with ease. With the Dtorque 50, life becomes simpler, eco-friendlier, and decidedly more efficient.

Choose D-Torque Outboard Engines for Unmatched Performance

The Dtorque 50 is renowned for its impressive power delivery even at lower RPM. Delivering 50 hp power and 111 Nm torque, it is a superior choice for anyone seeking efficient performance. The Dtorque 50 also boasts 40% better fuel efficiency, giving it an edge over its gasoline counterparts. Choose the Dtorque 50 for a performance that stands unmatched in its class. Contact Seascape Marine today to learn more about D-Torque outboard engines and discover how they can revolutionize your boating experience.