Cox Marine

With the COX – CXO300 Diesel outboard COX haven’t just ripped up the rule book they have completely changed the game.

A revolutionary new reality

The COX CXO300 diesel outboard engine is a revolutionary new reality that achieves the impossible with the power, performance and weight of a petrol engine and the efficiency and reliability of a diesel outboard motor. The outboard market can now benefit from the best of both worlds and leave compromise trailing in the wake.

Combining the power and torque of a diesel engine, with the flexibility of an outboard, COX is redefining marine propulsion. With the highest power density diesel outboard engine ever developed with 550Nm Torque compared to 4­stroke gasoline outboards the COX also outlasts 3x Longer than traditional petrol outboards.

The result is the most powerful, professional commercial diesel engine ever developed, with levels of efficiency and reliability to match. Robust and reliable, the COX not only lowers fuel consumption but offers extended service intervals, making it the logical choicefor professional users.

Delivering an astonishing 300hp at the propeller the CXO300 is designed specifically for commercial, government and military use where performance, durability and fuel consumption is of utmost importance making the CXO300 the obvious choice.