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Stapem Beluga, the first of two Incat Crowther designed 18-meter Aluminium Dive Support catamarans was recently launched in Port Elizabeth & landed safely in Angola.
Built under ABS survey by the Legacy Marine Group in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for French oil and gas services company Stapem Offshore, this vessel will operate off the Angolan coast.
The vessel design was fully customised to suit the client’s specific operational requirements and is equipped with a bow configuration specific to the landings on FPSO’s and Platforms for safe transfer of personnel. The vessel also has custom fitted NIBS fendering suited to the operational conditions.
Equipment fitted to the vessel includes a 3-man Unique Hydra Nitrox air dive system, complete with multiple video and two-way communication as well as data logging systems, onboard HP and LP air compressors, underwater welding facilities, Caviblaster underwater HP washer, full diesel engine driven hydraulics system for subsea tools and deck crane, twin aircon units and FP duty and standby diesel generators.
The vessel is also fitted with lighting to support night operations, including a FLIR camera system. The aft deck is configured to support diving operations and has full CCTV camera coverage. Dive ladders (4) and Davits (3) are also fitted to the aft deck.
The vessel is classed to ABS +A1 (E) HSC Coastal Craft +AMS and has a full array of safety and detection systems suitable for use in the offshore oil & gas industry.
Designed as a semi-planing catamaran hull, propelled by two MAN (560hp) inboard diesel engines coupled via ZF360 gearboxes to Hamilton HJ403 water jets with full MECS control giving it excellent manoeuvrability, an operational speed of 20 knots and a sprint speed of 23.5 knots. The efficiency, manaoevrability offered from water jet propulsion & the safety of having water jets on A dive vessel made Hamilton Jet the number one choice for boatbuilder & customer.
The vessel is designed to work alongside a “mothership” and is not required to provide crew accommodations. It’s primary mission objective is to serve as an effective dive work station from which dive operations can be carried out on a 24/7 basis by a team of 14 personnel in a safe and comfortable manner.
Stapem Beluga’s sister ship, Stapem Narval is currently under construction at Legacy Marine’s yard in Port Elizabeth RSA & will also be fitted with Twin HM403’s

T-Craft Stapem Beluga being launched with twin HM403’s

RMS St. Helena’s final Voyage

On Tuesday the 23rd of January 2018 Seascape Marine attended the farewell party for the RMS St. Helena which left Cape Town on Wednesday, 24 January 2018 for a final round-trip journey of three weeks to the remote South Atlantic Island of St. Helena.

For 3 decades the RMS St. Helena was a lifeline to the outside world & during this time Seascape Marine’s Service dept. played a vital role as the preferred contractor for all maintenance, service & overhauling of her Mirrlees K6 Major MK3 Main engines and Ruston RK270 Generators.

Below photos are from her last Dry Dock and scheduled maintenance in Cape Town Harbour

This final Voyage ends a long and proud relationship between Seascape Marine Services & RMS St. Helena’s Ship Management and crew.

St Helena Island is now reachable by plane for the first time and another cargo ship will be commissioned to transport cargo about once a month to St Helena.

The CAPE 31 – an innovative new concept in one design racing – Powered by Yanmar

After being approached by Mike Giles in early 2016 to discuss propulsion for a new design the ‘Cape 31’, Seascape Marine Services jumped at the opportunity to be involved in this exciting project.

After various proposals and discussions, the decision was made to fit the Yanmar 2YM15 x SD25 sail. The 2YM15 power-to-weight ratio, relative ease of installation, compactness of the configuration as well as great fuel consumption were all contributing factors. In addition, a reverse sail drive installation (sail drive leg forward of the engine) was a non-negotiable in order to ensure the engine configuration & ancillaries did not hinder the Cape 31’s performance capabilities.

Fitted with a Gori 2 blade folding propeller (approved by Yanmar) the 2YM15 reaches its rated output of 3600RPM, ensuring the vessel can handle any situation comfortably. The Gori folding props also offer the least drag when under sail and racing conditions. The 2YM15 also meets the strict EU & US emission regulations making it suitable for any foreign buyers. Serviceability of the engine is easily overcome with the fact that the 2YM15 x SD25 has “one side” serviceability, even with the compactness of space around the engine installation. All engine installations are commissioned in the factory prior to launch, to ensure the installation meets Yanmar specifications & the Cape 31 factory’s strict requirements for the standard of quality. With 12 boats built and now a dedicated racing series for the design the Cape 31 is proving to be a very popular boat and Seascape Marine are proud to be a partner in this project.

More details about the Cape 31 can be found at

Cape 31 Sailing. Image by Greg Beadle

Seascape attends Official Press launch for D – Torque Turbo diesel outboard

Seascape attends Official Press launch for D - Torque Turbo diesel outboard

Following its agreement with German manufacturer Neander Shark for exclusive global distribution of the game-changing Dtorque 111 twin-cylinder 50 hp diesel outboard engine, YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL (YMI announced the official launch of this exciting new propulsion product on Sept 28th & 29th in Almere, The Netherlands. Where Distributors & Press were invited.
The compact Dtorque 111 is designed to revolutionize the small workboat market where its expected lifespan of well over 10,000 hours at least doubles that of any comparable outboard gasoline engine. The Dtorque 111 offers a remarkably smooth and quiet diesel engine, delivering 50 hp at the propeller with a stunning torque output of 111 Nm at just 2,500 rpm. This is considerably better than the latest 70 hp 4-stroke gasoline models and more than enough to quickly accelerate most small craft onto the plane with plenty of low-down lugging power for heavy displacement duty.

To create the Dtorque 111 the German developer and manufacturer Neander deconstructed conventional small-diesel engineering to first principles. The result is a two-cylinder common-rail turbo charged diesel engine, using a unique system of dual counter-rotating crankshafts in an aluminum block, which dramatically reduces the vibration levels that a conventional small two-cylinder diesel engine would normally generate. This technology with a patented ‘Spaceball’ design not only achieves less vibration but also less noise, lighter boat handling and less stress on the engine.

The Dtorque 111 is the world’s smallest diesel engine with common-rail fuel injection. This enables it to deliver an impressive performance with class-leading fuel economy and exhaust emissions that fall well within the latest EU RCD 2 limits. At full throttle and lading it typically burns under 12 litres of fuel per hour 2 times less than most 70 hp gasoline outboards of similar performance. The Dtorque 111 ensures fewer refuelling stops and lower running costs.

For the past 2 years both YANMAR and Neander have been trialing pre-series outboards in six EU pilot countries. “We invited a wide cross-section of our customers around Europe to performance-test the outboards in differing sea states and loading conditions gathering as many opinions as possible,” explains Floris Lettinga, YMI Global Sales Manager. “Our research has confirmed that this product is ideally placed for the light duty commercial market, from wind turbine servicing and fish farming to harbor and patrol duties, water taxis and superyacht charter services. We are confident that the combination of long range, low running costs, durability and low emissions delivered by this unique diesel outboard will appeal to operators across a wide range of applications.”

Floris Lettinga continued, “With many commercial operators maintaining a single diesel fuel policy to avoid risk of fire and explosion, the market potential for the Dtorque 111 is highly diverse. So far, the main option for small workboat propulsion has been the gasoline outboard. No longer is that true!”

The Dtorque 111 turbo diesel outboard is SOLAS (MOB) certified and now in full production with customer deliveries in the last quarter of 2017.

Through its Distribution agreement with Yanmar Marine International (YMI), Seascape Marine are now able to offer the Neander Shark DTorque turbo diesel outboard.
With over 60 years’ experience – Seascape Marine Services has the skills and capability to overhaul, maintain and service all major diesel engine manufactures products (main engine & Auxiliary) including the DTorque, as well as turbochargers and reduction gearboxes.

Yanmar & Neander launch D-Torque Diesel Outboard

Marking its return to the diesel outboards market, YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL (YMI) has agreed exclusive distribution rights with German outboard manufacturer NEANDER Shark. YMI, whose headquarters are in the Netherlands, is to distribute NEANDER Shark outboards worldwide through its extensive network with access to more than 130 countries.

From 1985 until 2009 YANMAR manufactured three-cylinder diesel outboards rated at 27 and 36 hp, but ceased when EPA and EU RCD emissions regulations restricted their sales in key markets. “With the global economic downturn in full swing, YANMAR decided at that time not to invest in the outboard range even though it had been highly successful in many markets,” explains Floris Lettinga, YMI Global Sales Manager. “Now, however, with NEANDER Shark we can offer a highly competitive outboard product with outstanding engineering”.

The NEANDER Shark outboard develops 50 hp using a small 800 cm³ turbocharged, twin-cylinder diesel engine in aluminium with common-rail fuel injection and a unique dual counter-rotating crankshaft concept. “This means that the outboard is not only light, powerful, clean and fuel-efficient, it is also remarkably smooth in operation as the two crankshafts counterbalance each other and cancel out most of the vibration that a conventional inline two-cylinder diesel block could be expected to produce,” Floris Lettinga says. “Therefore the outboard can be easily, operated at the tiller as well as from the helm. The lack of vibrations and low noise level are remarkable,  improving operation comfort yet delivering impressive performance”.

The prime applications for the NEANDER Shark outboard will be in the commercial marine, offshore, military, fishing, rescue and charter-sector. It would also perfectly serve tender boat requirements on large yachts storing diesel fuel only.

Seascape Marine Services look forward to being able to offer and supply the D – Torque outboards units once they become available late 2017 to early 2018.


Seascape Marine sponsor UCT Cape 2 Rio 2017 entry

Seascape Marine Services together with Yanmar are proud partner sponsors of the UCT Sailing teams entry into the 2017 Cape 2 Rio.

The crew of 5 UCT students did a lot of hard work & campaigning for funds & donations in order to realise this dream and Seascape are proud to have been able to assist them in achieving this.

The crew of 5 are doing the crossing on Yacht Scatterling  – a 35ft Simons Monohull. Scatterling is powered by a Yanmar 2GM20 x KM2P gearbox (18Hp) fitted in 1996.

Seascape Marine wish the crew a safe & enjoyable race!

Their journey can be followed on this link to the tracker:

Or via their facebook page “UCT to Rio powered by B&G”



Adam de Jong retires after 39 years of service

Adam de Jong retires after 39 years of service

Superintendent Engineer Mr. Adam de Jong has officially retired.

After Joining the company on the 4th of January 1977 Adam dedicated 39 years of his career playing a pivotal role in Seascape Marine’s Service Dept. Adam’s high standards & love for the Marine Industry laid the foundation for the workshops reputation of hard work & reliability, which is synonymous with Seascape Marine Services and the success of the company.

Seascape Marine Services wishes to thank Adam for his invaluable service and wish him for his well earned retirement which will no doubt be spent cycling & riding his BMW motorbike.

Adam has been succeeded by Mr. Wayne de Kock who we wish success in this challenging & demanding position.


Kohler generator business grows

Kohler generator business grows

Since its appointment of the Kohler Marine Generator agency, Seascape Marine has been offering sales, genuine spare parts and technical after sales support.

With the increase in interest for the Kohler units and understanding the urgent demand which customers have, Seascape Marine are now stocking Kohler generators in the most popular outputs to support the market requirements.

 Don’t hesitate to contact Seascape Marine for any Kohler sales or technical advise you may require.


M/V Mariam Makeba’s Success

M/V Mariam Makeba's Success

The recently completed sale and installation of a Yanmar medium speed 8EY26, 2 201kW @ 750r/min engine to Sea Harvest for the re-power of their trawler vessel M/V Mariam Makeba has proven a great success.

With the deciding factors for the owners & operators being Yanmar’s reputation for reliability, size, economy, ease of maintenance and the heavy load conditions to which this main engine would be exposed the Yanmar 8EY26 is proving to be the perfect engine for the application.

With initial sea trails having taken place in September 2015 the main engine has just completing the first 1500 hour maintenance schedule which was carried out by Seascape Marine’s service dept.

Yanmar YT Series Tractors coming late 2016

Yanmar YT Series Tractors coming late 2016

Available for order from third quarter 2016 the new Yanmar YT Series tractors are set to make an impact in the compact tractor market.

With the number of professional farmers and agricultural collectives in Japan steadily increasing, there is a greater demand for agricultural machinery that is highly-efficient, highly-functional, and low-cost. Considering this trend, Yanmar is addressing farmers’ needs of “comfort, control, potential, and pride” with the new flagship model YT Series large-size tractor.

Under the slogan “Creating a new agriculture”, world-renowned Ken Okuyama (also a director of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.) heads product design. The YT Series tractor utilizes the same innovative and unique “premium design” as the combine we are releasing at the same time.

With a new “premium red” color, more striking than Yanmar’s usual red, and a body design that evokes a sense of strength, farmers can further enjoy their everyday work and take pride in the refined construction of their tractor. Operators have access to a 330° view from inside the cabin thanks to rounded glass on all sides. No detail was forgotten: even before customers enter the tractor an adjustable aluminum step projects a feeling of luxury.

Also focusing on ease-of-use, levers and switches used often during operation are placed above the armrest and create a new working experience. Operators can check various machine settings and conditions in an instant on the color monitor located to their right.

Our acclaimed continuously variable transmission has been further improved for increased functionality and efficiency. The powerful and eco-friendly Yanmar green diesel engine has cleared Japan’s Tier 3 gas emissions regulations.

Advanced design and simple yet sturdy functioning come together in Yanmar’s flagship model YT Series, making this premium tractor a vital addition to every professional farmer’s lineup of machinery.