2015 DAME Design Award WINNER – Humphree Electric Stabilising Fin & Interceptor System

Seascape Marine are once again proud to be associated with Humphree after they secured the prestigious DAME award at METS 2015.

Humphree advises “We would like to thank the international jury at DAME Awards for the award, a true recognition for our team’s hard work and effort making this a world class stabilisation system”.
Jury comments:
The DAME Jury spent some time this year discussing how good design in marine equipment needs to drive better experiences for people afloat as the whole industry seeks to attract new generations. The growing market for stabilisers is clearly an area to watch in this regard and Humphree has introduced a series of valuable improvements with its Electric Stabilising Fin & Interceptor System. The stabiliser’s 24V DC servo, its 360° rotating fin (to combat anchor walking), its failsafe fin attachment (design to preserve hull integrity in case of a strike) and its full integration with interceptor trim devices would each be worthy of consideration on their own. Taken as a package this is a very impressive piece of technology, involving many design disciplines, that promises a step forward again in comfort afloat. Fully co-ordinating the effort of pitch and trim is a particularly welcome development and expected to lead to much better handling and reduced fuel consumption. A completely contrasting and equally worthy joint winner of the 25th anniversary DAME Awards.

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